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Quality Treatment Beds, Medispa Tables, Exam Tables, Exam Bed, Massage Table, Skin Care Beds, Procedure Tables, Spa Tables, Spa Beds, and Facial Beds.

The Right Equipment for Procedure Rooms, Post-Op, Injectables, and Local Procedures. Treatment Tables just right for Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Medical Estheticians, General Practitioners, Womens' Health Clinics, Resorts, Destination Spas, Laser Hair Removal, ObGyn's, in Both the office and MediSpa Settings!  .

Full Electric Treatment Bed/Table w/Free Stool
MediSpa Malibu 2-Motor Electric Lift Table
MediSpa MediLuxe Rx4-1000 Power Procedure Chair - Medical Bed
MediSpa Empress Professional Electric Treatment Chair + Table
Paragon Monarch Electric Treatment Table
MediLuxe MD4-1000 Deluxe Medical Treatment Chair Package, Exam Table, and MedSpa Bed
Living Earth Crafts SoHo All-In-One Chair
MedSpa MediLuxe Rx4-2000 Medical Exam Chair 4 Motor Power + Rotation - Procedure Bed w/ Stirrups Optional
MedSpa MediLuxe Medical MD4-2000 Rotating Deluxe Treatment Chair Package, Exam Table, Bed
MediSpa 626-ST Medical Masters Power Procedure Chair with Stirrup Option
MediLuxe Ex-1000 MedSpa Procedure Table Treatment Chair
Touch America Marimba Professional Spa Treatment Convertable Chair/Table
Moderna MedSpa Treatment Procedure Table
MediLuxe RSx-2000 Power Procedure Chair Pedestal Lift with Stirrup Option
4 Motor MedSpa Aesthetic Procedure Chair
Paragon Newport Electric Facial SkinCare Treatment Table
Medical Bed Treatment Table Deluxe Power Procedure Table 24-626-Ent
MediLuxe DLX4-1000 4-Motor Electric Multi-Purpose Treatement Table
Perfect Lounger Relaxation Treatment Chair by
Lemi IV B-Zak - Delux Italian Electric Treatment Chair
PRO SALON Delux Comfort Facial MediSpa Procedure Table
Living Earth Crafts--NUAGE
Living Earth Crafts CLOUD 9 Treatment Chair and Table
Everest MediSpa Salon Pedestal Electric Lift Table by Earthlite
Everest Eclipse Tilt - Electric Massage Table
Touch America Sanya Fully Electric Treatment Table, Made in U.S.A.
Everest Eclipse Salon Spa Electric Lounge Table
ASPEN Salon Top Delux Comfort Facial MediSpa Procedure Table
Earthlite EVEREST Electric Lift Top Salon Table and Treatment Chair
Earthlite Ellora Vista Electric Salon Lift MultiPurpose Table
MedSpa MediLuxe Lausanne Exam Chair, Hybrid 3-Motor. ON SALE NOW
PRO Series, Power Treatment Table
Power Medical Bed, Streamline Series
MediLuxe Mighty Rx3-900 Hybrid 4-Axis, 3-Motor Treatment Table
Milano Electric Facial Bed Treatment Table
Osage Soothing Deluxe Multi-Comfort Treatment Table and Massage Bed.
MedSpa MediLuxe Opal 3 and 4 Motor Slim Series Exam Chair
Powered Medical Convertible Procedure Chair
Beds with Stirrups
The Cloud 9 Cuvee Treatment Table
Swivel Rotation
Cedar Fully Electric Spa Table
Oakmont Tilt Top Treatment Table
MediLuxe P Power Procedure Table
Ellora Electric Salon Table
Esthetica 4 Motor Fully Electric Multi Position Treatment Bed
Cedar Fully Electric Spa Table

In our over 16 years of selling treatment beds and advising the people who purchase them on over $10 million worth of sales at, we have come to find that what people are looking for goes beyond what the cost is and what the features are-- to just what seems to be the right fit. If you're looking through these pages and you find an item that you just keep coming back to, there's a good chance that will end up being the one you want to buy from us. Yes the features are important and yes the price matters, but at the end of the day you'll just have a sense of which one feels just right. That's why we don't have a comparison chart. The options we carry are diverse and there are a lot of choices, which makes it a little bit too difficult to simply put them in a chart and pick based on facts and figures expressly. We invite you look around and stay a while.  Come back again when you need to. Let your budget or your aesthetic sense or the features that you need point you in the right direction. If you're close but can't quite figure it out then let us know and we can help you complete your transaction. Whichever way you go there are plenty of fantastic options to choose from here. has a highly curated and select group of treatment tables that we have chosen to offer you in our collection based on our many many years of experience in the industry working with these models and the companies that make them for you to be able to do the work that you do and bring the services that you offer to your clients patients and customers alike.

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