Moderna MedSpa Treatment Procedure Table

Color: Carmel
Add Paper Roll Holder: No
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Introducing the Moderna MedSpa Treatment Table, a pinnacle of design and functionality tailored for both medical office environments and luxurious spa settings. This 3-motor procedure chair boasts a 4-axis movement system, combining the sophistication of modern aesthetics with the practicality of advanced adjustments. Ideal for day spas, resorts, and medical spas, the Moderna chair's sleek Italian design and heavy-duty electrical lifting system enhance any work setting while providing clients with an exceptional experience. Featuring ultra-fine electric motors for height, back, and tilt adjustments and manual leg rest adjustment with pneumatic-assist, this hybrid treatment table offers unparalleled flexibility and comfort.

Key Features:

  • 3-Motor System: Allows effortless adjustments for height, backrest angle, and seat tilt/incline with a convenient hand control wand.
  • 4-Axis Movement: Offers maximum flexibility and freedom of movement during treatments.
  • Wide Height Range: One of the widest height ranges available, from 22" to 41.5".
  • Premium Design: Sleek Italian styling complements any professional setting.
  • Comfort and Versatility: Extra plush upholstery, removable armrests, and a nearly 90-degree sitting position cater to a wide range of treatment needs.
  • Removable Arm Rests
  • Additional Options: Towel roll holder in back


  • Upholstery: High-quality PU for durability and comfort.
  • Height Adjustment: 22” to 41.5” for versatile client positioning.
  • Backrest Adjustment: 0° flat to 90° upward incline for tailored support.
  • Leg Rest Adjustment: Manual adjustment from 0° flat to 90° downward decline with pneumatic-assist.
  • Capacity: Supports up to 350 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 74” x 22.5” x 22” in the default position, with 4” wide armrests and a 4” cushion thickness. 

Shipping Dimensions:

  • Quantity: 1
  • Package Dimensions: 77” x 36” x 25” (L x W x H)
  • Package Weight: 230 lbs
  • Arrives Fully Assembled
  • Default position: 74” x 22.5” x 22” (L x W x H)
  • Arm rest width: 4” each 
  • Cushion thickness: 4”

* Default position: Bed completely flat, lowest height, w/o arms

* All heights measured from ground to top of seat cushion


Warranty Information:

  • 1 Year Warranty covering both functionality and craftsmanship, ensuring your investment is protected.

Elevate the standard of professional care with the Moderna Spa Treatment Table, where innovative technology meets exquisite design. This table is not only a functional asset for practitioners but also a statement piece that enhances the client's experience, making it an essential addition to any high-end spa, resort, or medical facility.


Functioning and operation of The Armrests will automatically move with the table as it goes from table to chair position, and then back again; they remain parallel to the floor. So in the table position, they become flush with the top surface of the table, and widen it at the shoulders. In the chair position they function as armrests. The armrests are also easily removable, and also in the table position can be lifted up (pointing toward the ceiling), and moved out of the way, if the physician wants to move closer to the client, or if they need to be raised out of the way for entry and exit purposes. So, they're thoughtfully designed, and function beautifully in a variety of ways. 

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