MediLuxe Ex-1000 MedSpa Procedure Table Treatment Chair

COLOR: Beige
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The MediLuxe Ex-1000 Bella MedSpa Procedure Table is a top-rated treatment chair for med spas, physician offices, and resort and destination spas. The Bella's unlimited seating positions and versatility in performing a wide range of modalities make it a popular choice for FUE hair transplant procedures. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and estheticians can use this powerful and full-featured procedure table for treatments such as esthetics, laser, incisions, skincare, botox, injectables, fillers, and plastic surgery.Made with ultra plush, breathable fabric and featuring an easy-to-use hand held remote with a long cord, the Bella is both comfortable and practical. Its tapered shoulders allow staff to get closer to the patient's body while still providing comfort and control. The bed's excellent weight distribution, even at steep angles and in Trendelenburg position, makes it a reliable choice for any treatment. With its beautiful design and ease of maintenance, the MediLuxe Ex-1000 Bella is always in stock and ready to enhance your practice's services.
  • 4 Fully Electric Motors (up,down,back cushion,foot cushion,seat angle) 
  • Reclining Headrest 
  • Easy to use Remote Control with long cord 
  • Removable Arm rest 
  • Memory Foam Therapy Cushion 
  • Removable face cut out from headrest 

  • Length: 58” (standard), 74” (with headrest and footrest extension), 89” (maximum length with extended headrest and footrest extension)
  • Width:  24.5” (without armrest on the chair) or  35.5” (with armrests on the chair)
  • Height Range: 23.5” to 36” (from floor to top of the chair)
  • Headrest: 11” L x 15” W with 3.5”x5” face opening
  • Footrest: 6” L x 24” W
  • 4” Thick Cushion (two layer smart compressed foam)
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • Foot Pedal Controller
  • Fitted plastic cover for footrest
  • Paper Roll holder

Functioning and operation of The Armrests will automatically move with the table as it goes from table to chair position, and then back again; they remain parallel to the floor. So in the table position, they become flush with the top surface of the table, and widen it at the shoulders. In the chair position they function as armrests. The armrests are also easily removable, and also in the table position can be lifted up (pointing toward the ceiling), and moved out of the way, if the physician wants to move closer to the client, or if they need to be raised out of the way for entry and exit purposes. So, they're thoughtfully designed, and function beautifully in a variety of ways.

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