MediLuxe EX-1000 MedSpa Procedure Table/Treatment Chair - Advanced Features for Superior Comfort

COLOR: Graphite Gray
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Introducing the MediLuxe EX-1000 Bellage, the ultimate MedSpa Procedure Table/Treatment Chair designed to set new standards in medical and spa treatment efficiency and patient comfort. With its advanced features, including programmable memory positions and a locking system, this chair is engineered for versatility and ease of use in demanding medical spa environments.

Key Features:

Programmable Memory Positions: Comes with 2 memory settings for quick adjustments, enhancing treatment efficiency.

Advanced Locking System: Ensures stability and safety during procedures with an easy-to-use lock function.

Non-Tilting Headrest: Designed for optimal patient positioning without tilt adjustment.

Detachable Cushions: For easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a hygienic treatment environment.

Seat Tilt Functionality: Offers an approximate 20-degree seat tilt angle for enhanced patient comfort during procedures.


  • Headrest
  • Easy Detachable Cushions for Maintenance or Replacement 
  • Programmable Memory and Reset Functions
  • Seat Tilt Angle: Approximately 20 degrees
  • Enhanced Locking System for Safety

The MediLuxe EX-1000 MedSpa Procedure Table/Treatment Chair is a testament to innovation in medical spa treatment solutions. Designed with the professional in mind, it combines functionality with comfort to facilitate a wide range of procedures. From dermatology to cosmetic surgery, this chair adapts to both patient and practitioner needs with its customizable features, including programmable positions and a seat tilt function. The detachable cushions not only promise patient comfort but also underscore the chair's commitment to hygiene and easy maintenance. Embrace the future of medical spa treatments with the MediLuxe EX-1000.

Customer Reviews:

  1. Dr. Sophia Martin, Cosmetic Surgeon: "The EX-1000 has transformed our clinic's capabilities. The memory function is incredibly useful for our varied procedures, and patients comment on the comfort. It's a standout addition to our practice."
  2. Liam Peterson, MedSpa Owner: "Our clients love the comfort and safety of the EX-1000. Its easy-to-clean design and the locking system have made it an indispensable part of our spa. Truly a game-changer for us."

Additional Description

The MediLuxe Ex-1000 Bellage redefines luxury and efficiency in MedSpa treatments. With its fully electric operation and versatile positioning options, it provides the ultimate freedom to perform a wide variety of treatments. Designed for excellent weight distribution, it guarantees comfort at all angles. Ready to elevate your spa experience.

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