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Skin Scanner UV Analysis is an advanced Black-light lamp technology to help identify various skin conditions in vivid florescent colors. Black-light lamp technology is safe when used properly. It uses a fluorescent light bulb that does not emit visible light, but emits the safer version of Ultraviolet rays (UVA) after harmful Ultraviolet rays (UVB and UBC) are filtered out. In a fluorescent light bulb, light energy or photons are generated and when they hit the white phosphorus coating inside the tube, they emit white light and also some ultraviolet light. In a black-light bulb, the bulb is made out of dark blue glass and has no phosphorus coating and the special dark blue glass filters out visible light and harmful UV rays. What comes out is the safer UV-A rays which does wonders in revealing various skin conditions, as different conditions of the skin react (fluoresce) differently to these safer type UV rays. Even though UV-A is widely used, caution should be used to shield the eye and avoid prolong use. The black-light bulbs in these machines are high quality.