Digital Skin Scanner with Camera

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Your can take your practice and skin care business to the next level using this Digital scanner with camera. You will be able to show your clients in real-time what their skin actually looks like. They will be able to see their face up close under the black light, which reveals all blemishes and subcutaneous issues. Use this amazing tool to help determine and describe your treatment protocol for each client.   Before and after pictures are a breeze. Gives you the ability to store a record on your computer for reference. And also can be used for promotional purposes.

Allows the professional to recommend the proper treatments; provides opportunity for increased skin care sales     Internal black lights reveals skin conditions that are not visible with the naked eye      An internal mirror with 2x magnification allows patient to monitor their progress; seeing exactly what professional sees      Patient can simultaneously view what professional views     Completely self-contained with handle for portability     Internal camera allows you to archive photos and track patients results between treatments     Photos are downloaded to your PC via the USB port  . Skin Scanner with USB Port for PC Photo Capture

The self-encased skin scanner utilizes UV light to reveal areas of depigmentation.  Blackout cape on back panel allows for use during lit conditions.  A mirror inside allows clients to view their reflection and follow along during diagnosis.


Detect and diagnose problematic areas of the skin

Easy to operate and store

UV Lamps - Made in Japan

1-Yr Limited Warranty


  Easy Set Up & Simple Operation - Set up and ready to take photos in less than 5 minutes

  Print Immediate Results - With an available printer, instant images can be created

  Digital Archive - Store client images on a computer for easy access during repeat visits

  Replacement Parts - Always in stock

The T3 uses ultra violet light, in the UV-A band, to illuminate the client's face. The UV-A light passes through the first layer of skin and lights up underlying areas in a process known as fluorescence. Underlying skin is visible and can be viewed by the client in the internal magnified mirror.

Dry skin, oily skin, acne, inflammation, sun damage, bacterial infections, and healthy skin are easily identifiable. The client and skin care professional go over the analysis and follow up treatment plans are recommended.

 Owner's Manual Explains Analysis Procedures.

Back drop on the unit prevents outside light from interfering with the analysis. 

A small internal circulating fan cools the client during the light analysis process. Analysis typically take less than three minutes.

The owner's manual explains how use the scanner with one subject or an entire room of subjects. This is the perfect companion for cosmetic and skin care product distributors.

The UV-A lights have been engineered for optimal fluorescence, the magnified viewing port is flexible, and safety tube shields are in place to protect the client..

Photographs can be taken through the viewing port for later analysis.


Heavy duty construction of the scanner is built to last.

T3 can be used to host home or business seminars where a fee for personal analysis can be charged.

The T3 is brand new, carries a one-year factory warranty, augmented by an additional one-year warranty.  Additional years can be added at $95 each to extend further.

Comes equipped with six ultra bright UV-A Lamps equipped with Safety Tube Shields and a 3-Minute automatic timer. 

Weight : 32 lbs

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