Wet Table Face-Down Prone Pillow

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Pron-Pillo is a molded soft foam positioning device, designed to provide maximum comfort for the patient when lying in the prone (face down) position.


The unique feature of Pron-Pillo is the ability to support both head and shoulders and to assure a comfortable position for the neck.

Eliminates use of conventional pillows and additional time involved to place your patient in a comfortable prone position.


Slight contour to front of Pron-Pillo gives comfort to forehead, allows open space for eyes and puts less pressure near the eye area;

Elevated base allows patient to breathe freely while enjoying this comfortable position;

Slight taper allows for the natural contour of most size faces;

Pron-Pillo supports head and shoulders. Shoulder support design provides comfortable space for patient's chest area.


Ideal to use when doing massage, applying Hydrocollator HotPac, ColPaC, or when treating neck, shoulder, and back areas with ultrasound or electrotherapy.

21" x 18" x 6" Supports both head and shoulders

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