Vichy Shower with Electric Operated Neptune Wet Table Combo Package.

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Elevate your spa's wet room experience with our all-inclusive Wet Room Equipment Package. This premium package is meticulously designed to offer everything you need to fully equip your wet room, combining luxury, functionality, and efficiency. Featuring the advanced Neptune Motorized Wet Table paired with a versatile 8-Head Vichy Shower, this combo is tailored for spas aiming to provide exceptional hydrotherapy and wet treatments. The inclusion of a Contour Facespace with Neptune Pillow, Wet Spa Bolster, Non-Slip Floor Mat, and a Massage Top Converter ensures that your wet room is prepared for a wide range of treatments, seamlessly transitioning between wet and dry services. Save time and money while delivering unparalleled treatment experiences with this comprehensive package.

Package Includes:

  • Neptune Motorized Wet Table: Offers effortless adjustments with a Closed-Cell Foam Pad for ultimate client comfort during wet treatments.
  • 8-Head Vichy Shower with Handheld Shower: Delivers a full-spectrum hydrotherapy experience.
  • Contour Facespace with Neptune Pillow: Ensures ergonomic support for various treatments.
  • Wet Spa Bolster: Enhances client positioning and support.
  • Non-Slip Floor Mat: Provides added safety and stability in wet conditions.
  • Massage Top Converter: A padded vinyl top that easily converts the wet table for dry treatments, increasing the versatility of your service offerings.

Transform your spa's wet room into a haven of luxury and relaxation with our Complete Wet Room Equipment Package. Offering both quality and value, this combo is an indispensable addition to any spa looking to enhance its service offerings and client satisfaction. Contact us today to fully equip your wet room and step into a new era of spa treatments.

Made in the U.S.A.

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