Touch America 8 Head VICHY SHOWER

Add Face Splash Protector: No
Sale price$5,595.00

Since its inception in 1982, TouchAmerica has been at the forefront of hydrotherapy equipment manufacturing, setting the gold standard with its line of wet equipment. The Vichy Shower Packages, in particular, have earned acclaim as the best in the industry, with over 600 installations worldwide. Known for its unparalleled quality and reliability, the TouchAmerica Vichy Shower continues to set the bar high. An impressive 98 percent of all Vichy Showers sold remain in active service, attesting to their durability and excellence. When paired with one of TouchAmerica’s Neptune Wet Tables as pictured, the Vichy Shower enhances therapist efficiency, minimizes overhead and maintenance, and guarantees an unforgettable spa experience for clients.

Standard Features:

  • Wall-mounted Control Unit: Molded white acrylic with a handheld shower wand for convenience.
  • 72" Rainbar: Swings out for easy access, with an optional 96" Extended Rainbar for expanded coverage.
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve: Ensures precise temperature control for optimal comfort.
  • High-Flow Valves & Supply Lines: 3/4-inch hardware for maximum water delivery.
  • Eight Fixed Showerheads: Rotate to cover the client fully, providing a comprehensive hydrotherapy experience.
  • Premium Materials: Polished stainless-steel and chrome fittings for an attractive and durable finish.
  • Water Drainage Design: Prevents water from stagnating in the system when not in use.


  • Extended Rainbar (96") for broader coverage: $4,755
  • Extra Handheld Shower for Contrast Therapy: Starting at $4,950
  • Standalone Handheld Shower: $740


  • Two-Year Warranty on Mechanical/Electrical Parts and Vichy Shower Plumbing: Ensures peace of mind and reliability.

To customize your Vichy Shower with optional features or to inquire about the Neptune Wet Table, please contact Enhance your spa’s hydrotherapy offerings with the TouchAmerica Vichy Shower Package and experience the pinnacle of spa treatment equipment.

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