MediLuxe Precision Sculpt MD - Professional Surgical Table for All Healthcare Needs

Color: Graphite Grey
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Transform your treatment space with the MediLuxe Precision Sculpt MD, the epitome of precision engineering and durability in medical procedure chairs.  The low seating arrangement makes it suitable for use with children, elderly patients, and those with movement restrictions. Designed to cater to a broad spectrum of healthcare specialties, this chair combines robust functionality with unparalleled comfort, making it an ideal choice for healthcare providers in many specialties, Including Ob/Gyn, surgery, dermatology, podiatry, medical doctors, estheticians, women's health, plastic surgery, for procedures such as fillers, fat transfer, cool sculpting, kybella, hair removal, and related treatments and procedures.  

Key Features:

  • 🔄 Versatile Functionality: Equipped with strong motors for a wide range of motion, ensuring adaptability to various procedures.
  • 💺 Enhanced Patient Comfort: Offers maximum legroom and a low seating arrangement, suitable for children, elderly patients, and those with movement restrictions.
  • 🦶 Foot Pedal Control: Allows for hands-free operation, enhancing the precision and ease of use during treatments.
  • 📐 Adjustable Features: Includes programmable presets, attachable arm boards, stirrups, and a fully articulating headrest for comprehensive patient care.
  • 🔩 Durable & Stable: A robust base supports heavy use, maintaining stability across all operations.


  • Chair Weight: 276 lbs
  • Working Weight Capacity: 298 lbs
  • Width: 19 1/2 inches
  • Length: 66-79 inches
  • Height Range: 24-39 inches


  • Stirrups: For added versatility in procedures.
  • Matching Stool: Ensures practitioner comfort during treatments.

The MediLuxe Precision Sculpt MD chair is your all-in-one solution for upgrading medical and aesthetic treatment capabilities. With its heavy-duty construction and user-centric design, it supports a wide array of specialties and procedures, promising both comfort and efficiency. This chair's extensive adjustability and ergonomic features make it a standout choice for healthcare providers aiming to enhance the quality of care in fields ranging from Ob/Gyn to plastic surgery and beyond. Invest in the Precision Sculpt MD to set a new standard of excellence in your practice.

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