Stirrups Exam Chair MediLuxe LX4-1000 Package

Color: Graphite
Stirrups Type: Ankle/Heel Cup
Sale price$3,695.00 Regular price$4,595.00

MediLuxe Lx4-1000 Procedure Table Stirrups Package, a luxury electric treatment table that is designed to meet the demands of modern medical and spa practices. This multi-purpose table is perfect for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and gynecologists, as well as any medical professional looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use, and versatile exam chair. Healthcare providers in many specialties will love this chair for procedures such as micro-needling, cosmetics, medical doctors, wellness, esthetician, women's health, dialysis, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, aesthetics, medspa, fillers, fat transfer, cool sculpting, kybella, hair removal, and related treatments and procedures

MediLuxe Lx4-1000 Procedure Table Stirrups Package is equipped with four electric motors that control the height, backrest, seat inclination, and legrest movements, ensuring smooth and precise motion. The solid leg design is sturdy and wide, providing a stable and secure platform for performing complex treatments.

The stirrups package includes an extendable head and foot section, removable arms, and a removable cushion on the headrest that reveals a facial hole/breather hole. The table can sit at a 85° angle and can also lay flat, making it suitable for a variety of treatments. The super soft PU upholstery is easy to clean, making this table a practical choice for any busy treatment facility.

Upgrade your space with the durable and versatile MediLuxe Lx4-1000 Procedure Table Stirrups Package. This luxurious treatment table is designed to provide comfort, ease of use and a high-quality experience for both the patient and practitioner. It is perfect for any medical office, spa, or esthetics practice looking to provide their patients with the best possible care.

The Stirrups Exam Package comes pre-bundled with your choice of Ankle/heel cup, or under-knee stirrups.  Choose Right Here —>>




  • Gray Upholstery - Medical Grade, Modern Warm Color. Color safe.
    • Fully Electric - Backrest, Leg Rest, Seat, Height
    • Head Cushion (Tilt Adjustable/Removable)
    • Leg Cushion (Removable)
    • Removable Arms
    • Tilt Function


    • Dimensions: 73"L (with all cushions) x 22"W (without arm rests) x 22"-39"Height range, upper and lower bounds. 
    • 3 Sections:
        • Backrest Section: 0° to +85°
        • Seat Section:-4° to +10°
        • Footrest Section: 0° to -75° 
    • Weight Capacity: 385 lbs.
    • Packing Size L x W x H (ins | cm) - 55.9 x 21.7 x 28.3 | 142 x 55 x 72
    •  Product Size L x W x H (ins | cm) - 73.2 x 33.9 x 22.8 x 39.4 | 186 x 86 x 58/100
    •  Standard Control - Handset.  Options: Foot Pedal &/or Memory remote
    •  G.W (lbs) - 215.6 
    •  Voltage - 100V-120V
    •  Frequency - 50Hz/60Hz
    •  Installation - Ships Already Assembled


    • Add: Foot Pedal 
    • Add: Memory Position Pre-Set Programmable Remote.
    • Add: Paper Roll Holder
    • Add: Matching Rolling Stool- Flat or Flat with Backrest 

    Functioning and operation of The Armrests will automatically move with the table as it goes from table to chair position, and then back again; they remain parallel to the floor. So in the table position, they become flush with the top surface of the table, and widen it at the shoulders. In the chair position they function as armrests. The armrests are also easily removable, and also in the table position can be lifted up (pointing toward the ceiling), and moved out of the way, if the physician wants to move closer to the client, or if they need to be raised out of the way for entry and exit purposes. So, they're thoughtfully designed, and function beautifully in a variety of ways.

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