Silhouet-Tone Compu-Lift - Pre-Owned

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Silhouet-Tone Compu-Lift
Compu-Lift brings effective anti-aging treatment into the 21st century. Three pre-programmed phases achieve visible results:
Firms and Tones Muscles Reduces wrinkles Stimulates cellular regeneration through the use of Micro Currents.

Surgery-free lifting device that uses 3 phases of low intensity microcurrents: cellular and circulatory stimulation, muscle toning, and cell regeneration. 3 preprogrammed lifting treatments: face, eyes, breasts Treats the ageing process on 3 levels: Muscular - firms and tones facial muscle Epidermal - smoothes wrinkles Dermal - stimulates cellular regeneration Program automatically adjusts current to skin resistance. Iontophoresis with electrode included for specific treatments. Power: up to 1000 micro-amperes. 3 waveforms for maximum results.

Compu-Lift A complete anti-aging treatment using micr-currents
Compu-Lift is a gentle lifting treatment using a series of micro-currents. In three pre-programmed phases to achieve visible results:

  • Firms and tones facial muscles
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Stimulates cellular regeneration

In a comprehensive approach to treating the skin against the effects of aging, each Compu-Lift pre-programmed treatment has three essential steps, working on the epidermis, the dermis and the muscles. Treatments are based on three (3) forms of electrical current that act on three levels: cellular and circulatory stimulation, muscle toning and tissue regeneration.

Phase 1 Cellular and circulatory stimulation The first phase warms up the muscles. Low-frequency micro-currents are used to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation. These currents also encourage organic intercellular exchange, activating the processes of nutrition, oxygenation and renewal of epidermic cells.

Phase 2 Muscular toning The second phase consists of restoring original tonus to muscles through stimulation of the "Golgi tendon organ" located at the end of the muscles. These "tendon organs" process the elecrical signals transmitted by motoneurons and correctly distribute the tension (tonus) that each muscular fibril needs. Facial muscles are especially sensitive to changes in muscle tone. Over time, muscles may contract (shorten) due to continual stimulation (stress) or sag due to lack of stimulation. Wrinkles and sagging are due mostly to inadequate tonus in the facial muscles. Micro-currents are able to reconstruct or re-educate the muscle tissue, stretching or tightening as necessary, providing beneficial results. Wrinkles are smoothed and muscles regain tonus, providing the skin with a younger, firmer appearance.

Phase 3 Regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres The last phase of a Compu-Lift treatment is dermic nutrition. A specific form of current is applied in synergy with the specially formulated Vivescence Anti-aging Firming Gel, which has very active properties and supplies vital amino acids and vitamins essential for the production of elastin and collagen. This process provides the skin with improved elasticity, maximum hydration and helps to reduce, or even eliminate, certain signs of aging.



  • Microprocessor-controlled functions
  • Digital touch-pad controls
  • Three pre-programmed Lifting treatments: Face, Eyes, Breasts
  • Automatic program adjusts current to skin resistance
  • Three waveforms for maximum results
  • Power up to 1,000 micro-amperes
  • Compact and very light, easy to transport


  • 2 face lifting electrodes
  • 2 cylindrical breast lifting electrodes
  • 1 red extension cord
  • 1 black extension cord
  • 1 metal handle
  • 1 iontophoresis "sphere" electrode
  • 1 iontophoresis "pen" electrode


  • Width: 12" (30.5 cm)
  • Height: 7" (18 cm)
  • Depth: 13.5" (34 cm)
  • Weight: 7 lb (3.2 kg)
  • Power: 75 watts
  • Certification: NRTL/C (in conformity with CSA & UL regulations), CE

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