Set of Medical Table Accessory Clamps

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Set of Medical Table Accessory Clamps
Universal clamps mount to any table with side rails.
The clamps will fit on to a rail up to 1.25" in height, and down to 1".
Used to attach accessories such as lamps, magnifying lamps, IV drip, Mayo Stand, stirrups.

** Please note, many of the accessories listed are ones that are carried here on In cases where those accessories are carried here on those accessories are sold in combination with these clamps, or similar.
This set of clamps is designed to be used with a set of accessories which would be purchased or acquired separately.
Accessories utilize these clamps by having a small , finger-like tip to the end of their posting arm which would insert into the holes on these clamps.
The diameter of the hole on this clamp is 5/8"

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