SALE! Hot Towel Cabi

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This great unit from Paragon/Garfield has DOUBLE the capacity of the medium Cabi’s.
Holds up to 144 facial towels (12" x 12" each), or 70 hand towels
176 degrees / single temperature
Outside Dim’s: 15.5" wide X 20" high X 17.75" deep
Inside Dim’s: 13" wide X 13.5" high X 11.75" deep
Inside: There are 2 shelves, so the interior is divided into 3 sections which are each 4.5 inches high. (non u.v.-light model)
It does have water collecting tray in the front underneath the door to collect condensation.
1 year warranty
There is a wire shelf inside this unit which subdivides the interior space. The rack is removable.
Free shipping included. Delivery within 10 days.


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