S Hook Self Massager

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The Following Are Just 4 Of The 100s Of Techniques Possible: The Following Are Just 4 Of The 100s Of Techniques Possible: The occipital points are located at the base of the back of the skull, at the top of the neck. A nerve that starts at each of these 2 points travels over the top of the head, to the forehead and ends at the sinuses, above the eyes. Thus, working these points is especially beneficial for tension & sinus headaces. These poinst can be reached from the side. (As shown to the left) The following method works the occipital points with minimal effort (Not shown). It can be done lying down as well (Beneficial for difficult headaches). Using the smaller hook end, place one hand on the contacting ball end and position that end on one of the occipital points. The hook should come over the top of your head and the middle of the S Hook should meet your forehead. Wedge your other hand between your forehead and the S Hook. Place the back of that hand against your forehead and have your palm contactiong the S Hook with the massager between your thumb and forefinger. By simply twisting your wrist you will get enormous pressure with little effort. The S Hook can also be used for deep tissue massage by running the massager along the length of the muscle. Since it is more difficult to guide the S Hook over the length of muscle fibers, as opposed to just applying direct pressure to one spot, the following technique is recommended: For control, place one hand near the contacting ball to guide the massager along the muscle strains. Use the other hand to apply the pressure. Start at one end of the muscle and continue with pressure until you reach the end of the muscle. It is best to use this technique without clothing between you and the S Hook and with some type of massage oil or coco butter. The following is a favorite technique for working the muscles along the spine: Stand with a wide stance, for balance. Using both hands, hold the S Hook in the center and wrap the large hook end around your waist. Contact the muscles along the spine and push the massager directly forward. Do not apply pressure directly to your bones. While applying pressure, lean back slightly into the massager (This will allow the muscles to relax while working them). Start from the low back, apply pressure for as long as desired, then release. Inch up your back and repeat until youre at the top. Work both sides of the back for balance.
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