Power Medical Procedure Chair Medispa Plastics Derm Ob-Gyn Office Stirrups Option

Color: Grey
Sale price$6,998.00

Experience the versatility and durability of the MediLuxe Masters ST Exam and Procedure Table. This high-end, feature-rich medical grade table is perfect for a wide range of applications and specialties, including as a surgical chair, exam table, procedure table, spa table, and med spa bed. The table comes with a programmable hand-wand control and a programmable foot-control, as well as three interchangeable headrests and pre-programmable positioning settings on the foot control.

The MediLuxe Masters ST is a comfortable and convenient choice, with recessed wheels that extend at the push of a button for easy mobility and rotation. The table is compatible with ankle and knee stirrups and is suitable for prone and supine treatment positions, making it ideal for exams, in-office procedures, fillers, fat transfer, cool sculpting, kybella, hair removal, female examinations, lightening, FemLift, labiaplasty, monsplasty, hymenoplasty, and related treatments and procedures. The table can handle larger patients and has an extremely wide height range, making it suitable for doctors of all heights. 

The MediLuxe Masters ST Power Procedure Table is a cost-effective choice compared to other brands such as Midmark, Ritter, Hill, and Brewer. It boasts pre-programmable positioning and a retracting wheel set for easy movement and stability. The table comes pre-assembled and bundled with the foot operation pedal, hand control wand, face rests, and side rails. Upgrade your treatment space with the reliable and feature-packed MediLuxe Masters ST Exam and Procedure Table.

A very cool feature: This model is a higher end model that comes with wheels already installed; in the resting/chair in use position, the wheels sit retracted up into the base. When you need to use the wheels, you press a button on the remote, and the wheels descend, lifting the chair off the ground a few inches, and then it's roll-able. When the chair is in its new location, a press of the button returns the chair back to the use configuration. Very convenient, the easiest to use wheeled option we have.


  • Removable armrests can be rotated 180° back and forth
  • Headrest are removable and can be extended by 4"
  • User friendly hand remote controls backrest, leg rest, chair adjustment and seat adjustment
  • Power back and foot moves from upright to flat
  • Removable pillow with face cutout
  • 80º backrest
  • Durable seamless upholstery available in four colors


  • Flat Chair Height (Minimum): 26"
  • Flat Chair Height (Maximum): 40"
  • Flat Chair Length: 77"
  • Upright Chair Height (Minimum): 48"
  • Upright Chair Height (Maximum): 57"
  • Upright Chair Length: 66"
  • Chair Width with Armrests: 32"
  • Chair Width without Armrests: 23.6"
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs.
  • Electrical: 110V, 50-60Hz, 200W

Functioning and operation of The Armrests will automatically move with the table as it goes from table to chair position, and then back again; they remain parallel to the floor. So in the table position, they become flush with the top surface of the table, and widen it at the shoulders. In the chair position they function as armrests. The armrests are also easily removable, and also in the table position can be lifted up (pointing toward the ceiling), and moved out of the way, if the physician wants to move closer to the client, or if they need to be raised out of the way for entry and exit purposes. So, they're thoughtfully designed, and function beautifully in a variety of ways.


  • Stirrups
  • Arm Boards
  • Matching Stool

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