Pibbs Sanital Mini U.V. Sterilizer - Sanitzer

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The Pibbs Sanital Sanitizer is a professional UV Sterilizer machine that is perfect for use in any salon or spa. This machine is professional grade and it is used in salons & spas to sanitize implements which is required by all state boards. This Sterilizer is equipped with a Germicidal Lamp system which uses Ultraviolent Rays for medical sterilization. This machine comes with brand new UV light bulbs and an automatic on/off switch. Features: Germicidal Lamp system uses Ultraviolet Rays for Sterilization Durable White Metal Unit w/ Black Front & On/Off Switch Easy to Open & Close Handle Used in Professional Salons to Sanitize Implements Which is Required by State Board New Bulbs Included in UV Sterilizer Measurements: Width: 13.5" Depth: 7.5" Height: 9.25"

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