Paragon Monarch Electric Treatment Table

Add Paper Roll Holder: No
Sale price$3,995.00

Experience ultimate comfort and reliability with the Monarch treatment bed from a prime manufacturer. Compared to competitors such as Hill and MTI, the Monarch stands out for its affordable price and fully automated electric adjustments for table height, backrest, leg section, and seat tilt. It is perfect for use in MediSpa, medical, dermatology and plastic surgery procedures.  The bed's wide treatment height range makes it versatile for a variety of treatments, including laser and close-up work. With its 4 motors, the Monarch offers smooth and precise movement, making it a top choice for doctors and estheticians. Discover the benefits of the Monarch at and make the smart choice for your clinic today.


  • 3-actuators sync cushion movements with minimal vibration, plus the 4th: height adjustment of table.
  • Swing-away arms allow for easy mounting and dismounting.  They also are removable and do come off.
  • Concealed undercarriage
  • Extendable headrest and foot cushion
  • Remote easily controls positioning
  • Heavy gauge welded metal, powder coated frame


  • Max load: 500lbs
  • 1-Yr Limited Warranty
  • Does not meet specifications for injectables* 
*The backrest comes up to an 80 degree angle relative to the seat.  A person sitting at that angle effectively has their torso at a 90 degree angle to the floor. If you were to sit up against a wall, the body becomes pitched forward slightly.  For injectables, the requirement is for the client to be sitting up-right. This chair does meet that specification. Because of the 4th motor axis on being on the seat cushion tilt, it's also even possible to pitch the client forward significantly at the seat-cushion level.  So 90 degrees or even a forward lean can be accomplished here; there is a lot of positioning specificity possible.


  • Add paper roll holder

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