Ozone+Aroma Strip Facial Steamer w- 5x LED Mag Lamp

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This CE Certified Steamer has a fully adjustable arm that moves up and down with pivot motion, bends side to side, so you are able to position the steam how you like for optimal treatments. This steamer heats distilled water to produce a high pressure steam for delivery to the skin. This helps to open pores and relaxes face muscles to aid in the extraction of impurities.
Silent Timer countdown operation with slight "tick" sound upon completion of time set.

  • Ozone Function: This steamer has an Ozone function that sterilizes the steam as it passes through the steamer arm ensuring a clean, safe treatment
  • Essential Oil Aromatherapy: This steamer comes with a aromatherapy collar with high grade felt to hold and distribute your essential oils.

Integrated 5x LED Magnifying Lamp

  • CE Certified - International Compliance to Safety Standards

  • 110 individual LED's provide clean, superior illumination

  • Fully Articulated arm offers maximum adjustability

  • Sleek new design with protective lens cover

  • 5x Magnification

  • No visible springs

Never have to fret about changing or breaking bulbs again! Our Super-Bright LED 5x Magnifying Lamp provides crystal clear light for all of your treatments and work needs. 5x Magnification makes diagnosing skin conditions and performing extractions or intricate work much quicker and easier. The magnifying lens also has an  extra Magnification Loupe to provide extreme closeup 700% magnification so you can get a good look at your treatment areas. The fully adjustable arm and neck of the maglamp makes it easy to position the lens in virtually any angle needed for your treatments!

This lamp comes equipped with 110 individual LED Bulbs that silently glow and provide superior illumination without the heat of incandescent bulbs or the annoying hum some fluorescent bulbs can emit. With LED bulbs, you never have to worry about breakage or replacement either. The life span of an LED bulb is around 50,000 hours - compare this to the typical 1000 hours of a standard incandescent bulb, or 8000 hours of a standard fluorescent bulb!

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