Multi Function : PARAGON - GARFIELD Quality MODULAR (8 function)

Sale price$2,395.00
Skin Care Unit Attractive modular construction provides ease of maintenance. Functions include: A soft light, 5 diopter lens magnyfing lamp. A facial steamer which provides warm oxygen ionic vapor to help loosen and bathe away impurities from the skin surface, while helping to increase circulation. The rotary brush unit is a variable speed, reversible tool to gently cleanse and remove surface cutin. The high frequency provides a sterilizing action and helps increase circulation by the use of glass attachments. The vacuum and spray provides dual action by effectively removing pimples and acne; and by use of the atomizer to apply toner and other spray on liquids. The galvanic unit is also a dual purpose machine by removing impurities from deep inside the pores and by infusing moisture into the skinfor most benifical results. This economically designed unit is fully mobile on its heavy duty roller stand. 1 year warranty. One year parts and labor. nty$129 shipping and handling, anywhere in the Continental U.S. Sales Tax charged only for residents of Colorado (sorry!)
8000-A- Our Price: $2195 8000-B- Our Price: $2095

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