Microdermabrasion CRYSTAL Aluminum Oxide--15 lbs

Sale price$299.00
The Quality You Count On
Dermatologist and aesthetic skin care technicians across the country are using Gifted Touch Crystal for micro dermabrasion treatments and getting beautiful results. The Reliability You Demand -- and Deserve -- Guaranteed With every order of high quality Gifted Touch Crystal, you can count on receiving: High purity fused alumina grain Optimum grain size Batch-to-batch reliability Significant cost savings Same day shipping Guaranteed quality
Gifted Touch Crystal is a specially prepared high purity microcrystalline aluminum oxide (sometimes called corundum) that has been fused at nearly 4000 F. The fused material is first processed to form blocky grains with sharp edges that enhance the material’s abrasive properties, then graded to a tightly controlled particle size distribution. With the same crystalline structure and composition as sapphires, Gifted Touch Crystal microcrystalline alumina is a gem of a material -- 99.55% pure and very stable.
Comes in quantity of 15 lbs. The pails will come with a small plastic scoop and a MSDS sheet appropriate to the crystal type. The pails themselves will come with a removable seal and a re-closable lid.
Shipping is $25 per order.

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