EARTHLITE Professional Massage Table Warmer

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Elevate your clients' massage experience with the EARTHLITE Professional Massage Table Warmer, priced at just $69.95! This top-tier, commercial-grade table warmer combines the cozy comfort of a fleece pad with advanced heating technology, ensuring both exceptional warmth and safety. Designed to meet the needs of professional massage therapists, this dual-function warmer features a high-quality, solid-state digital controller, allowing for quick heating and three temperature settings. With its built-in overheat protection, 3-hour auto shut-off feature, and one-year replacement warranty, you can offer your clients unparalleled comfort with peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Commercial-Grade Quality: Durable fleece cover with integrated heating element.
  • Enhanced Safety: Overheat protection and 3-hour auto shut-off for secure operation.
  • Digital Temperature Control: Solid state controller for quick heat and three adjustable settings.
  • Generous Sizing: Fits full-sized massage tables (30" x 72"), with elastic straps for secure placement.
  • Extended Reach: Equipped with a long 13 ft. power cord to easily reach outlets.
  • Warranty: Backed by a one-year replacement warranty for added reliability.

Perfectly sized and thoughtfully designed, the EARTHLITE Professional Massage Table Warmer is an essential addition to any massage therapy practice, providing a warm, comfortable treatment surface that clients will love. Enhance the quality of your services and ensure client satisfaction with this premium massage table warmer, combining the best in comfort, safety, and convenience

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