Ultimate Massage Practice Starter Package

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Jumpstart your massage therapy practice with our comprehensive Ultimate Massage Practice Starter Package. This incredible value bundle includes the Limited Edition Black Moorrii massage table, renowned for its quality and durability, along with a host of essential accessories to enhance your therapy sessions. From the Deluxe Adjustable Face Rest to the Omni Cervical Pillow and beyond, this package equips you with everything needed to provide exceptional care to your clients. Plus, enjoy significant savings over purchasing these items separately. The Bella Vista Privacy Screen, included in this package, adds an elegant touch to your practice space, ensuring client privacy and creating a tranquil environment. Although the Screen Lamp is no longer available, the addition of the Omni Cervical Pillow more than compensates, offering superior client comfort. Ships fast from our warehouse in just 1-3 days!

Package Includes:

  • Limited Edition Black Moorrii Massage Table: A cornerstone of quality and stability.
  • Deluxe Adjustable Face Rest & Carry Case: For optimal client comfort and easy transport.
  • 6" x 27" Ankle Bolster & Omni Cervical Pillow: Enhance support and relaxation.
  • 50 Disposable Face Rest Overlays & Body Bone 2: Maintain hygiene and client comfort.
  • 8 ounces of Touch Essentials Premium Massage Oil & Single Oil Holster: Elevate the massage experience with premium oil.
  • Bella Vista Privacy Screen: Create a serene and private space for your clients.


  • Height Range: 23"-25"
  • Load Rating: 650 lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime for the table, 2 years for accessories
  • Manufactured: China and USA
  • Overall Value: Over $646, with savings of almost $100

Embark on your massage therapy journey with confidence and style. The Ultimate Massage Practice Starter Package not only sets you up with high-quality equipment but also ensures you're prepared to offer a wide range of services from day one. Invest in this bundle to save significantly and elevate your practice with CUSTOM CRAFTWORKS' trusted quality and a comprehensive lifetime warranty on the table.

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