Infinity GT Dual Pedestal Spa Treatment Table

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Introducing the Infinity GT, a groundbreaking dual pedestal spa treatment table that sets a new standard in client comfort and technological advancement in the spa industry. Featuring the industry-first molded gel spring-back technology in its salon top mattress, the Infinity GT ensures exceptional comfort during prolonged massage and spa treatments. Its distinctive hourglass-shaped GT Mattress, supported by two elegantly rounded pedestal columns and accentuated with a LED-lit Iceblock™ shelf, offers a visually stunning and functional design. Equipped with a whisper-quiet, four-motor system for effortless client positioning and seamless height adjustments, this table combines luxury with efficiency. Despite its compact frame, the Infinity GT™ provides an extensive ergonomic height range without compromise.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Comfort: NEW ultra-durable Comfort-Flex™ upholstery and Strata Cloudfill™ replaceable mattress for peak client relaxation.
  • Advanced Lift System: Flo-Tech™ all-electric lift with soft start/stop programming and anti-entrapment safety sensors.
  • Wireless Control: Programmable hand control and foot pedal for convenient adjustments.
  • Enhanced Warmth: Thermasoft™ Dual-Zone Embedded Warmer for a cozy treatment experience.
  • Stylish Storage: Hardwood cabinet with slider doors, finished in Natural Maple, combines aesthetics with functionality.
  • Power Convenience: PowerPort™ outlets to keep devices charged and within reach.


  • Width Options: 30 inches, 32 inches (76 cm, 81 cm)
  • Length: 73 inches (185 cm)
  • Height Range: 22 inches - 39 inches (55 cm - 94 cm)
  • Lift Capacity: Recommended 500 lbs. (227 kg)
  • Upholstery: 100% PU Fabric

 The Infinity GT Dual Pedestal Spa Treatment Table is a marvel of design and functionality, catering to the highest standards of luxury spas and wellness centers. Its unique gel spring-back technology, embedded warmers, and adjustable features ensure that each client enjoys a personalized and exceptionally comfortable treatment experience. With its sleek design, wireless controls, and eco-conscious materials, the Infinity GT not only elevates the treatment experience but also enhances the aesthetic of any professional setting. Opt for the Infinity GT and transform your spa services with this epitome of innovation and comfort.

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