Induro Medical Treatment Table - Heavy-Duty and Versatile

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The Induro Medical Treatment Table embodies engineering excellence, tailored to meet the high demands of medical and therapeutic professionals. With its advanced design, this table offers seamless height adjustments through comprehensive foot controls, a robust base for exceptional stability, and a notable working capacity of 600 lbs to accommodate various patient needs. Whether for medical examinations, spa treatments, or therapeutic sessions, the Induro's adjustable backrest and leg rest, supported by air-gas pump assistance, ensure adaptability and comfort. Mobility within any setting is effortlessly achieved with the inclusion of manual rolling wheels. Experience the Induro's functionality and durability firsthand through our video demonstration.


  • Electric Height Adjustment: Provides smooth transitions for patient comfort.
  • Manual Adjustments: Air-gas pump assisted adjustments for the backrest and leg rest enhance treatment versatility.
  • Mobility Feature: Manual rolling wheels enable easy relocation of the table as needed.


  • Length: 77.5"
  • Width: 27"
  • Height Range: 25" – 33.5"
  • Base Size: 59.5" x 18.5"
  • Table Weight: 240 lbs
  • Patient Capacity: 600 lbs
  • Upholstery: Ultra-durable super fiber PU for extended use
  • Wheels: Front-mounted for simplified movement
  • Power Specifications: 200W, 2 amp, 100-120V, 50-60Hz

Key Features:

  • Robust Design: Ensures stability and supports a wide range of treatments.
  • Quiet Operation: Maintains a peaceful environment during adjustments.
  • Long-Lasting Material: The super fiber PU upholstery is designed for durability and easy maintenance.

Shipping Dimensions:

  • Package Dimensions: 80” x 29” x 32” (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 260 lbs
  • Delivery Timeline: Within 2 weeks

Warranty Information:

  • Comprehensive 1-Year Warranty, covering functionality and craftsmanship for peace of mind.

Disclaimer: To guarantee the safety and stability of the Induro Medical Treatment Table, adherence to operational guidelines is essential. This includes proper leveling, adjustment of self-leveling feet, and cautious use to avoid undue pressure.

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