GenesisBiosystems Dual Mode Handpiece Crystal-Free Tips

Grade: Fine/Silver
Shape: Round
Shipping: Ground(+14.95)
Sale price$163.95
Derma Peel® Crystal-Free Disposable Tips are unlike other crystal-free hand pieces, safer for you, safer for your clients and No Maintenance.

Why are they safer and more efficient?

The Derma Peel® crystal-free tips rely on the constant vacuum to perform the peel rather than making you the user apply even pressure, this means that each and every peel you perform is even and reproducible time and time again.

Bio-Barrier™ disposable tip design eliminates concerns with cross contamination

Vacuum surrounds the abrasive surface — all cells and bacteria are evacuated, leaving the skin clean and healthy.

There are 6 disposable crystal-free tips to choose from ranging in abrasiveness and shape for exact, even peels.

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