Galvanic High-Frequency Facial Machine Combo

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2-in-1 Multifunction Facial Machine

This compact professional grade 2-in-1 tabletop facial machine offers you and your clients two of the most popular facial treatments in a light and compact single unit.

Offer a double-treatment with the galvanic facial, using it for deep pore cleansing as well as the most effective product infusion in the industry. Have clients with acne and oily skin? Give them a high frequency treatment and watch the blemishes heal!

Galvanic Current

Penetrates the skin surface utilizing an electrical current. The galvanic treatment has two functions: the first, Iontoderm promotes with deep skin cleansing and the second, Iontophoresis facilitates cream, lotion, and solution penetration deep into the skin.

  • Iontoderm (Disincrustation): This is a deep pore cleansing chemical process which turns natural oils in the skin (sebum) into soap (saponification) for deep dermis cleansing.
  • Iontophoresis: This function facilitates product penetration, a process based on the process at the poles, like magnets. While using this Galvanic Current, there are two (2) Poles, Positive and Negative: Positive Pole: Hardens and Firms Tissue - Soothes Nerves - Reduces Redness - Germicidal Negative Pole: Softens and Relaxes Tissue - Irritates Follicles and Stimulates Cells - Increases Blood Supply - Germicidal.

Products for use with Galvanic Treatment:

  • Impulse™ Hydrating & Healing Conductive Skin Gel with DMAE
  • Catalyst™ Deep Pore Cleansing & Disincrustation Solution

High Frequency:

Ultraviolet Electrodes sterilize skin and increases circulation. This machine kills bacteria to eliminate and speed healing of blemishes.

4 Glass Electrodes: Violet Glass Electrodes include

  • Mushroom Electrode for broad treatment areas such as the forehead.
  • Spoon Electrode for targeted sensitive areas such as dark circles/bags beneath eyes.
  • Sparker (Zapper) Electrode for precise sparking and sterilization of pimples.
  • Rake/Comb Electrode to stimulate scalp circulation to encourage new hair growth

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