Facial and Massage Table heating cov

Sale price$79.95
SPECIAL PRICE. LIMITED TIME ONLY! Unlike many others, this heated pad COVERS THE ENTIRE TABLE!! It has a variable heat control. The heat is regulated differently throughout the body, so that all areas stay warm. Fedback mechanism allows the pad to send heat specifically to areas that are less warm, in order to create balance. Best pad on the market, competitively priced. This one is fitted with elastic so that it will fit all the way around the table, just like a mattress pad on a bed does. So, it heats from tip of head to bottom of feet, which is good. It is 39 x 75, but it snugs up around a table as small as 28 inches because of the elastic. [please note: this item actually IS made for a twin size mattress, so please don’t be surprised about that when it arrives.] This pad heats to a medium heat. It is will not get "hot-hot," so if you’re looking for a super-hot pad, this would not be the one for that purpose. 135 watts, 120 volts. 100% polyester Shipping and handling is $9.95 to anywhere in the continential U.S.

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