Elite MD4-2000 Treatment Chair, MediLuxe, Exam Table, Bed MediSpa Medical Rotating Deluxe. Stirrups Optional

Color: Graphite Grey
Sale price$4,795.00 Regular price$5,295.00

The MediLuxe MD4-2000 Delux 4 Motor Electric Table is a top-of-the-line treatment table designed for versatility and ease of use. Equipped with a metal paper roll holder and a 4 motor electric bed, this multi-purpose chair can be controlled using on-bed push buttons, a hand-held wand, or a foot pedal. The table includes a neck rest head cushion and a face down facial headrest for added comfort during treatments. The 4 motor fully electric treatment table also features reverse-angle tilt (Trendelenberg position) for added flexibility in treatment options. The separate electric functioning and control of table height, backrest elevation and lowering, legrest raising and lowering, and reverse-angle tilt make this table a must-have for any treatment facility. This procedure table is perfect for healthcare providers in many specialties, Including Ob/Gyn, surgery, dermatology, podiatry, medical doctors, estheticians, women's health, plastic surgery, for procedures such as fillers, fat transfer, cool sculpting, kybella, hair removal, vaginal exams, lightening, FemLift, vagacial, labiaplasty, monsplasty, hymenoplasty, O-shot, G-spot amplificiantion, and more!  Upgrade your treatment space with the MediLuxe MD4-2000 Delux 4 Motor Electric Table.


  • On-Bed Push Button Control + Hand-Held Wand Control + Foot Pedal Control
  • Neck Rest Head Cushion
  • Face Down Facial Headrest
  • 4 Motors
  • Reverse-Angle Tilt (Trendelenberg Position)
  • Separate electrical functioning and control of table height, backrest, legrest, and reverse-angle tilt
  • 2 separate headrests: 1 for back of head, 1 for face-down
  • 2 separate controllers: 1 for hand control, 1 for foot operation
  • Paper roll holder


  • Stirrups (must select “Add Side Rails” when ordering)


  • Net Weight: 178lbs 
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs 
  • Dimensions: 34” (w/armrest) x 74” 
  • Working Range: 25” to 39.5” 
  • 110V

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