Disposable 3Ply Table Sheet - Qty 50

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Product Summary

Our Fantastic Disposable Three-Ply Table Sheets have an oil-resistant poly layer, a regular layer, and an absorbent top layer for the ultimate in protection. Dimensions: 72"L x 40"W. Available in pack of 50. White.

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Product Details

Provide a clean, clear, sanitary surface for your clients while protecting your precious skincare, esthetics, med spa, or massage table from oil stains and residue with our super-absorbent Disposable Three-Ply Table Sheets. These elegant high-quality sheets include a protective poly layer that keeps oils from leaking through, a regular layer, and an absorbent top tissue layer for a total of three moisture-wicking layers. The sheets’ generous size guarantees they’ll accommodate most massage tables. They are available in a pack of 50.

Features and Benefits

  • The sheets’ three super-absorbent layers wick away oil and dirt while keeping your massage table protected from stains and residue
  • Their soft texture feels super comfortable against your clients’ skin
  • Their generous size easily accommodates most massage tables

Sizes and Colors

  • Dimensions: 72"L x 40"W. Available in pack of 50.
  • Available Color: White

Ideal For

  • Massage Therapy
  • All Types of BodyWork
  • MediSpas and DaySpas
  • Resorts
  • Gyms

Made in the USA

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