Citrus II® Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner 22 oz

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Citrus II® Germicidal Cleaning Wipes -- Bleach and Alcohol Free. The safest cleaner for your treatment table.
Citrus II Germicidal Cleaning Wipes contain and anti-bacterial formula that cleans, disinfects and deodorizes in one easy step. Bleach and alcohol free, the multi-purpose wipes clean and deodorize non-porous surfaces and non-critical instruments in one easy step. Citrus II Wipes cut tough grease and grime and leave a fresh, citrus scent. Ideal for use in hospitals and healthcare settings, doctors' offices, ambulances, laboratories, veterinary clinics, hospices, home healthcare, rehabilitation, health clubs and much more. Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting: hospital beds, wheelchairs, exam tables, telephones, garbage cans, bathrooms, sinks, cabinets, countertops, chairs, floors, walls, keyboards and much more.
Citrus II® Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner Citrus II® Hospital Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner is designed specifically as a general non-acid cleaner and disinfectant. In addition, this product deodorizes those areas which generally are hard to keep fresh smelling. This is a Bactericidal, Virucidal, Tuberculoidal, Fungicidal, Disinfectant and Cleaner. Cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects surfaces, equipment, and non-critical instruments. A broad spectrum germicidal cleaner, effective as a bactericide, fungicide, and virucide, including Hepatitis B and C, HIV-1 (AIDS) and Tuberculosis, with excellent residual biocide action. It's also effective against mold and mildew. Great for use in veterinarian offices and clinics, effective against Parvo Virus. EPA-registered, non-alcohol formula contains no toxic chemicals such as phenols or glutaraldehydes, and is tested safe for a variety of surfaces including vinyl and naugahyde. It's non-acidic, non-corrosive, and non-staining. Citrus II® is ready-to-use so there's no inconvenient mixing, dilution, or activation required as with concentrates. Refreshing citrus scent keeps the facility smelling clean and fresh.
Multiple Use Formula: Citrus II® cleans and deodorizes as it disinfects. Citrus II's® biodegrade detergent system allows surfaces to be pre-cleaned prior to disinfecting, as required by OSHA regulations, without the need of a second product. Citrus II® cleans without scrubbing, and wipes clean without leaving grit or soap scum. As a highly effective deodorizer, Citrus II® quickly eliminates odors caused by microorganisms in bathrooms, garbage cans and storage areas, basements, and kitchens.
Safe on Surfaces: Citrus II® is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting counter tops, table tops, vinyl and naugahyde chairs in waiting and exam rooms, bed springs, telephones, wheelchairs, patient rooms, sinks, bathrooms, shower stalls, plastics, chrome, stainless steel, plexiglass, walls, floors and other non-porous surfaces. As in the case with all cleaning products, test first on an inconspicuous area for color fastness.
No-Alcohol Formula: Citrus II® Contains no alcohol and will not dry out vinyl or naugahyde surfaces.
Ingredients: N-Alkyl, Dimethyl Benzyl, Ammonium Chlorides, Dimethyl Ethylbenzyl Ammonium Chlorides

-- REVIEWS: Citrus II Don W.: June 10, 2014 I have been using the product for years and it is a very effective germicidal cleaner that doesn't destroy my equipment or chew up my table and chair coverings. Love this stuff Little Filly: February 9, 2010 I'm incredibly sensitive to cleaners. I have finally found something that I can use consistently without any irritation to me. Not only that, it does the job 100%. Really, it's been a lifesaver and I'm always telling people about it. I should own stock. ;)
It works well Coredon: on August 11, 2008 I work in a chiropractic office and constantly have to clean and sterilize the equipment. I purchased the spray to replace the wipes, which is too small and dries up pretty quickly before I finish wiping down one adjustment table. With the spray, I control the amount of cleaner I need to get my job done. In terms of germ-killing power, I would not know. But it definitely beats using harsh chemicals. It's also safe for almost all surfaces. I just take its word for it. The scent is very pleasant and it doesn't dry up my hand. The patients like it.
Smells like its disinfects, Brandon August 8, 2014 Smells good, guess it disinfects everything. I spray it on all my exam and treatment tables and they look clean.

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