AT-6000 Multifunction Machine, 8-in-1

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The AT-6000 8-in-1 multifunction facial machine is a top-quality, reliable choice for spa and beauty professionals. Made in Taiwan with all Japanese components, it has been continuously improved by Athena Beauty Inc. for over 15 years. This deluxe model includes a wide range of features and accessories, such as high frequency galvanic, brushes, vacuum, spray, a 5-diopter magnifying lamp, vaporizer/steamer, and a woods lamp.

The AT-6000 comes with metal galvanic attachments, glass suction attachments, spray bottles, electrodes, and three sizes of brushes. It also includes easy-to-read meters for increased precision. This industry-standard, time-tested 8-in-1 multifunction machine is a must-have for any spa or beauty business.

High frequency galvanic -brushes -vacuum -spray -5-diopter magnifying lamp -vaporizer/steamer -woods lamp. 

This Deluxe Model has everything!


  • Metal galvanic attachments
  • Glass suction attachments
  • Spray bottles
  • Electrodes
  • Brushes: small, medium, large
  • Easy-to-read meters for increased precision
  • Operator's Manual Included


  • Power Supply 100/230 volts 
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 876 watts
  • 10 amps
  • Dimensions 80 x 37 x 155cm
  • Weight 47 kgs

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