Artesian PowerTilt

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Introducing the Artesian Multi-Purpose Treatment Table, the ultimate solution for spa services. This patented design allows for a range of treatments including massage, pedicures, manicures, facials, wraps, and medi-spa treatments all on the same table. Your clients can enjoy luxurious comfort while receiving multiple treatments without ever having to move, while therapists can take advantage of the table's ergonomic design.

The Artesian table features a pipeless foot sink with an ionizing jet system for maximum sanitation and easy clean-up. The table uses only two gallons of water per treatment, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It is available with or without the jet system and filler valve. The pedestal base design offers maximum free space for therapists to work around the table, and the padded frame is gentle on therapists' legs and knees. Optional manicure armrests with swing-out finger bowls are also available.


  • Pipeless foot sink with ionizing jet system ensures sanitation and super easy clean-up Uses only two gallons of water per treatment 
  • Available with and without jet system and filler valve
  • Pedestal base design offers max free space for working around table
  • Padded frame is easy on therapists’ legs and knees


  • Height range 24” - 32” 
  • Table top size 30” - 73”


  • Deluxe Face Space II w/ Pillow 
  • Swing Away Arms w/ Manicure Trays
  • Armrest shelf 
  • 60-degree Elevating Sidearms 
  • Table Upgrade 
  • Available Color Choices are Almond, Black, White and Camel

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