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High Frequency

What does a high frequency machine do?

The High Frequency Machine is designed to help stimulate circulation, and help the treatment products be absorbed more readily and more deeply into the skin.

This treatment can also have an effect on muscle tone beneath the skin, and also impact the tonicity of the skin itself.

A high frequency machine is one of the most common skin care equipment devices in a treatment room today. Most estheticians are taught that this treatment as one of the primary services they will provide when doing a facial or facial skincare treatments.

The high frequency machine has a handpiece with a glass wand inserted into it. The glass is a tube of glass with a gas in it—sometimes argon—that will excite and turn a color (usually purple or reddish-orange). The power of the electrical current running through the glass wand can be raised or lowered. The wand then is usually touched to the face, although it can also be held a small distance apart to create an actual spark that arcs over to the skin. The other way it is done is for the client to hold their hand around the glass wand and have the current run through their body that way.

The high frequency treatment is often a favorite of many clients.

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