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Quality Facial Steamers with Ozone, Vaporizers, Magnifier Lamp, and Portable Facial Steamers.

Facial Steamers Skincare Facial Steamers, Equipment & Supplies, Facial Equipment for Estheticans and MediSpas.

Brand names: Garfield, Paragon, Athena, Dermatek, Equipro, and More!!
Welcome to the Facial Steamer SuperStore web page. We carry one of the largest collection of models from more manufacturers, at more price points, than any other supplier, importer, manufacturer, or distributor of Facial Steamers, than almost any where on the internet or in the world. The facial steamer will be the foundation of your skincare practice. Most of your clients will expect to see one in the room, and along with your decor and your treatment bed your facial steamer is the most important piece of equipment that you will use day-in and day-out. Choose a basic facial steamer, or something feature rich, depending on your budget, and your treatment objectives, and your needs. Most facial steamers have a timer, although some do not. Some operate with an analog dial-timer, and some have a silent digital timer. Some features to consider on your facial steamer: adjustable arm height, ozone lamp for steam purification, compatibility with aromatherapy essential oil strip, ease of water fill, type of water required, and the size and convenience of the stand. Some facial steamers have a 4-legged stand, others have a 5-point stand. Mounting: facial steamers can come on their own stand, or they can mount onto the stand of your multifunction unit, or they can be mounted to a table or a bracket on the wall. Rely on by chat, email, or phone, for professional, friendly, reliable assistance with all of your facial, and skin care equipment needs, including facial steamers! Copyright 2016 Inc.