Is This New Product the BEST Medispa Chair?

For medical practitioners and medispa owners, finding an exam chair that is comfortable, versatile, and functional can be a challenge. There is a new chair on the market specifically designed with feedback from real practitioners, incorporating all of the most sought features into one stylish product. The MediLuxe Rx-Max Elite Pro, the latest powered procedure chair from, offers an advanced design that sets it apart from other exam chairs on the market. Here's why: 

Luxury Upholstery  

The MediLuxe Rx-Max Elite Pro is designed with the patient's comfort in mind. Its thick, comfortable padding and ergonomic design make it a pleasure to sit in for extended periods of time. It features a quick-detachable cushion with a no-sewing design on the surface, easy to clean and ideal for medical use.

Top Rated in Usability
This chair comes with a fully automated four-motor system, allowing for a wide range of treatment height adjustments, as well as the ability to adjust the backrest, leg section, and seat tilt. The chair also features programmable memory buttons that allow for efficient client positioning, accessible via foot pedals, side buttons, back controls, or a corded remote. There is no longer a need to walk around your chair to change positions - do it from wherever you are in the moment. 

Movement and Safety
The MediLuxe Rx-Max Elite Pro is equipped with rotation function and Trendelenburg position (-15 degree) capacity. These features allow practitioners to adjust the chair to meet their needs, rather than having to contort themselves to fit the chair's limitations. The chair also includes an infrared sensor for structural safety, as well safety protection to prevent foot injuries, meaning that the chair can't be accidentally lowered onto anything underneath it. 

The features of this chair make it ideal for a variety of treatments, including laser procedures, incisions, skincare, Botox, injectables, fillers, hair transplants, and FUE. Its low height makes it versatile for all clients, even those with disabilities. Additionally, the chair's intelligent memory system, one-button lock function, and one-key reset make it incredibly easy to operate. Check out the stirrups option for practices offering cosmetic or medical vaginal procedures. 

Overall, the MediLuxe Rx-Max Elite Pro is an excellent option for medical practitioners and medispa owners looking for a high-quality, advanced exam chair. Its features, safety mechanisms, and comfort make it stand out from other chairs on the market. This product is currently being offered exclusively on, a reputable brand known for its luxury products and competitive prices. 

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