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Economy TouchAmerica Aphrodite Stationary Vichy Shower Wet Table - Ships Free

Economy TouchAmerica Aphrodite Stationary Vichy Shower Wet Table - Ships Free

Item #:Wet-Treatment-table-Aphrodite-21009
Sale Price:$1,849.00You Save: $200.00 (10%)
FaceSpace w/ Neptune Pillow:
Wet Drape for Face Pillow:
Non-Slip Floor Mat in White 36x48:
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
Item Description
The Aphrodite Wet/Dry Stationary Table still offers the superior performance it's been known for since it was first introduced in 2001. Not content to rest on their laurels, TouchAmerica's engineers have come up with a series of design improvements that have made this table even better! This has resulted in a truly remarkable product, combining a plush, upholstered top with a rust and water-resistant frame, for the ultimate achievement in comfort and longevity. The Wet/Dry makes an excellent massage table for primarily dry use, while accommodating occasional wet treatments. The aluminum stationary base allows manual height adjustment from 25" to 33," to easily accommodate professionals of varying heights, performing a variety of treatments. The Wet/Dry also includes a Wet Sheet, which must be used for all wet treatments. We think you'll be impressed with the Wet/Dry at first sight, and wonder how you ever did without such a versatile, reliable table.

Standard Features
Height Range 25" - 33"
Top Size 30" x 73"
Includes Wet Sheet (MUST be used for all wet applications)
Seamless marine-grade vinyl w/ choice of standard colors
Static weight capacity 800 pounds
4" foam top with seamless rounded corners
Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing
Two -year warranty on replacement parts for frame/structure (excludes foam and fabric) and one year on labor
Note: We recommend using our Neptune Wet Table under the Vichy Shower or for frequent wet use

Small Hot Towel Cabi
Non-Slip Floor Mat, 36" x 48" (White)
Deluxe Facespace II w/ Pillow
Wet Sheet (Flat or Fitted)
Neptune/Aphrodite tables and Vichy Showers carry a two-year warranty on replacement parts for frame/structure and one year on labor.
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Stationary Neptune Table shown. Hydraulic Neptune Table is discontinued. Also see Neptune Battery for motorized wet table. Designed in conjunction with leading experts in the spa industry, the Neptune wet table is a seamless, molded-acrylic table which is perfect for hydrotherapy spa treatments. The table is contoured creating a wider torso section keeping client comfortable and allowing easier access to body for therapist. During treatments, a generous trough and drainpipe system that totally surrounds the work surface and keeps wash-off away from the client. Manually adjusted with spring-button. The vinyl coated, closed-cell foam pad is comfortable, easily sanitized, and attractive.

Height range from 25" to 33", manually adjusted with spring-button

H-base frame
Durable white powder-coat frame is sturdy and water-resistant
1.25" vinyl-coated closed-cell foam pad is easily cleaned and sanitized
Working surface: 29" width for torso and 25" for legs, Working length of table is 76"
Top size, exterior dimensions 36" (torso), 32" (legs) x 83" length


Neptune/Aphrodite tables and Vichy Showers carry a two-year warranty on replacement parts for frame/structure and one year on labor.
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
FaceSpace w/ Neptune Pillow:  Wet Drape for Face Pillow:  Non-Slip Floor Mat in White 36x48:  Massage Top Converter: 

Since we first began manufacturing professional hydrotherapy equipment in 1982, TouchAmerica's line of wet equipment has earned a reputation as the best in the industry. Our popular Vichy Shower Packages have been installed in more than 600 locations world-wide. TouchAmerica's Vichy Shower sets standards for quality and reliability which are unsurpassed. This is witnessed by the fact that 98 percent of all Vichy Showers ever sold are still in service. When combined with any of our three Neptune Wet Tables, the Vichy Shower provides efficiency and comfort for the therapist, keeps your overhead and maintenance to an absolute minimum, and creates a memorable spa experience for your clients. Shown with optional Neptune Wet Table.

Standard Features
Wall-mounted, molded white acrylic control unit with handheld shower wand
72" standard Rainbar swings out of the way for easy client access
Thermostatic mixing valve for accurate temperature control
3/4-inch valves & supply lines for maximum water flow
Eight fixed showerheads that rotate for maximum coverage
Attractive, polished stainless-steel and chrome fittings
Designed so that water drains out of the system when not in use

Substitute Extended Rainbar (96") $ 4,755 With Extra Handheld Shower for contrast therapy $ 4,950 (72" Rainbar) or $ 5390 (96" Rainbar)

Handheld Shower (stand-alone unit) $ 740


Optional: Inset Photo Pictured: Face Splash Protector.

Mechanical/electrical parts, as well as foam and vinyl, carry a two-year warranty on materials. Vichy Shower plumbing parts are warranted for two years on materials.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
Add Face Splash Protector: 
Wet Table Face-Down Prone Pillow - Ships Free!


A Best Seller.


Pron-Pillo is a molded soft foam positioning device, designed to provide maximum comfort for the patient when lying in the prone (face down) position.


The unique feature of Pron-Pillo is the ability to support both head and shoulders and to assure a comfortable position for the neck.

Eliminates use of conventional pillows and additional time involved to place your patient in a comfortable prone position.


Slight contour to front of Pron-Pillo gives comfort to forehead, allows open space for eyes and puts less pressure near the eye area;

Elevated base allows patient to breathe freely while enjoying this comfortable position;

Slight taper allows for the natural contour of most size faces;

Pron-Pillo supports head and shoulders. Shoulder support design provides comfortable space for patient's chest area.


Ideal to use when doing massage, applying Hydrocollator HotPac, ColPaC, or when treating neck, shoulder, and back areas with ultrasound or electrotherapy.

21" x 18" x 6" Supports both head and shoulders

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days