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December 23, 2014

We're humbled by this beautiful Testimonial from one of our Wonderful Customers:

From: Dieter and Debbie Schmidt Date: Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 3:56 PM Subject: RE: Testimonial - North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics To: "CEO Jeff Roth"

I just wanted to share what a wonderful experience I have had working with Gifted Touch.

A few months ago, I was in the process of building a Medical Spa in Mill Creek, Washington, and needed to purchase electric patient beds. After finding the ones that I wanted, I contacted Jeff Roth at Gifted Touch. He took a tremendous amount of time explaining everything I needed to know about these beds, and even guided me in my color choice. He then proceeded to give me regular updates as to when my beds would be arriving.

On the day they were supposed to arrive at my business, the delivery company informed me that they were only going to be able to make the delivery three days later. This would have meant that I had no patient beds for the opening of my spa, and on top of that, I had a full schedule of clients booked. Despite the fact that this was in no way Jeff’s fault, he stepped in, and worked for hours to organize a private courier to deliver these beds to me at 9 pm on a Friday night. He was still texting me at 9.30 that same night, just to make sure everything went smoothly. Now that is customer service! I can not tell you how grateful I am to him.

As I move forward in this new venture, I know Jeff will be there to support me, sharing his years of experience in the business. I wholeheartedly recommend Gifted Touch.

Debbie Schmidt North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics


Chat Exchange 2.20.14:

customer: "Thank you for being so helpful and providing such fast services. I really did enjoy the conversation its not often you find people out there willing to help and I'm tired of automated"

GiftedTouch: "almost everyone is in china or the philipines who's on chat for customer service now. I'm actually the guy who owns the joint, and i also am a massage therapist. That's why people love shopping with us."