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It all begins with the Spa Table. You welcome your client into your treatment room. Maybe it’s their first time coming to see you. The equipment you have there makes a big first impression—Both in terms of appearance, and in terms of comfort once they sit down to relax. can help you with our great selection of spa tables.

Things to look for in a spa table include: soft fabrics and materials, a warm and inviting look, and comfort features like a head and neck rest, as well as arm rests.

From the esthetican’s perspective, the spa table needs to be easy to work with. Features like easy height adjustablitity, and plenty of clearance around the table for you to get in close to your client will make all the difference throughout your day. As you focus on your clients’ comfort and their skin care concerns, be sure that you are taking care of yourself too!

Also, check out our Rolling stools to compliment your spa table. WE have a wide selection that can be found here:

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The best advice we can give you, is do get a spa table from us that you think you will love. Your clients will be able to tell the difference. It will show in the treatments you do.

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