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The 8 in 1 Machine is the core of your skin care treatment room. This will be your go-to device to take care of your client. It will always include a steamer, mag lamp, high frequency. Galvanic, brushes, vacuum and spray, and woods lamp round out the group.

These days the 8 in 1 machine is more often called a multifunction machine because there are newer and newer models coming out that have 11, 18, or even more functions.

Don't be surprised to find a hot towel cabi, or a microdermabrasion machine, or led light therapy system bundled in with the 8 in 1 machine that you are buying.

If you’re buying it from expect to pay less and get more from experts in the skincare industry since 2000!

As with everything, you get what you pay for in an 8 in 1 machine! Be sure to buy from a reputable company like GiftedTouch. We know the industry inside and out. We have been working with many manufacturers for over a decade. We can help you avoid costly mistakes and help you find the 8 in 1 machine you will love—at a price you can afford.

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