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> > Universal Microdermabrasion Handpiece
Universal Microdermabrasion Handpiece

Universal Microdermabrasion Handpiece

Item #:microdermabrasion-dermacare-MPH-1
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Item Description
Comes with tubing and set of 10 Disposable tips.

Additional Tips May Be Purchased Separately.

Shipping in the U.S. is $9.95

Description: The MPH-1 Multipurpose Handpiece is intended for use as replacements for the glass, metal and plastic hand-pieces.

The MPH-1 is designed to connect to most Microdermabrasion equipment using a set of 3/8 x 3/8 tubing OR 1/4 X 3/8-inch tubing. In some cases adaptors may be required to fit these two tubing sizes to smaller or larger size connections.

When amortized conservatively, this Multipurpose Handpiece along with its tubing and applicator will cost the user less than $1.50 for each client. This is more affordable than anything currently on the market.

Tubing Connect to 1/4" and 3/8" Stainless Steel Pressure and Vacuum Ports. Tubing is un-sterilizable. Handpiece 3 Positions to accommodate hands of any sizes

Reusable, Autoclavable. Light, Attractive and Smooth

Patent No. 6,139,554

More cost effective than glass, as rugged as metal handpieces

Microdermabrasion Handpiece: The clinician uses a hand piece that is connected to a system to disperse the abrasive substance (usually aluminum oxide) in crystalline form to resurface superficial layers of the skin. This abrasive substance is pulled from a reservoir and passes through the hand piece back and forth on the skin. The used abrasive material and dead skin is vacuumed into a repository for easy removal. The Handpiece is moved in a circular motion to stimulate blood flow, to enhance facial muscle tone and boost cell reproduction. When a more aggressive treatment is necessary, vacuum pressure can be increased to evenly penetrate deeper layers of the skin. To the clinician and aesthetician, the Handpiece is the most important part of the system. Not only do they have to hold it, use it and press it on the skin for hours, but also they have to be satisfied with its performance. There are currently two main types of Handpiece designs: the Glass Handpiece and the All-Metal Handpiece. Unlike the glass Handpiece, Dermacare Handpiece will not break if dropped and will not scratch when used. Unlike the all-metal Handpiece, Dermacare Handpiece is very light and much less expensive. The bulk of the Handpiece is made of a high- grade plastic that can be sterilized while the aluminum oxide channels are of stainless steel. The applicator has 3 openings for application to the whole body, including face, neck, shoulders and back. The hand-piece is easy to hold and can be held at 3 positions to accommodate hands of any sizes. It is reusable, attractive, smooth and Sterilizable. Overall, the multipurpose hand-piece saves money, time, parts, and energy and above all saves hands.
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