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Silhouet-tone LumiCell Touch  - SHIPS this for FREE !

Silhouet-tone LumiCell Touch - SHIPS this for FREE !

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Call us to find out if we are running any specials on this machine now! Light plays a major role in all aspects of life. It is central in the design and function of the Lumicell Touch, providing effective control and elimination of cellulite. The Lumicell Touch is the only apparatus to offer the penetrating properties of infrared and magenta light. Focusing on the core of the cell, their action: Activates alpha & beta adipocyte receptors (responsible for the storage and release of fat in the cell) Stimulates normal cell functions Generates collagen growth, the most commonly found protein in the body. Essential in repairing damaged tissue and replacing old tissue, it has a high degree of elasticity. Augments vascularity (circulation) Increases lymphatic system activity Lumicell Touch is able to penetrate into the heart of the cell with infrared and magenta light and support this action with deep tissue vacuum massage. Focusing on the cell itself, it stimulates functions that inhibit the storage of fat and trigger its release. It is the complete solution to cellulite treatment resulting in firmer, more beautiful and smoother-looking skin. THE MOST COMPLETE AND EFFECTIVE CELLULITE TREATMENT The Lumicell Touch provides a complete epidermal, dermal, and hypodermal treatment of cellulite. It accomplishes this not only by massage but also by stimulating natural cell functions. This results in a dramatic reduction in cellulite and healthier looking skin. free shipping in Contiguous United States THESE ARE NON-RETURNABLE, AND NON-REFUNDABLE, except on faulty merchandise.