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> > Steamy Wonder Table Canopy - SHIPS this for FREE !
Steamy Wonder Table Canopy  - SHIPS this for FREE !
Steamy Wonder Table Canopy  - SHIPS this for FREE !

Steamy Wonder Table Canopy - SHIPS this for FREE !

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Item Description
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The Steamy Wonder™ Basic Treatment Package includes:

  • Steam canopy*
  • Steam generator
  • Digital Thermometer/Clock
  • Thermal Blanket
  • Circulating Fan
  • Special Flannel Steam Sealing Sheet
  • User's Manual
  • One Cool Neck Wrap
  • Therapeutic Herbs for Aromatherapy
  • Herbal Infusion Ball

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Products included
  • Massage Table sold separately.
  • Total shipping weight: 26 lbs

For thousands of years, Ayurvedic physicians in India and healing traditions in many other parts of the world have prescribed simple but effective steam therapy treatments as part of a regular detox program to prevent the build-up of toxins and prevent disease. And over the past twelve years, thousands of Steamy Wonders have been sold in many countries due to the increasing interest in preventing disease before it arises, rather than waiting for toxins to build up and create disease. The choice is to spend less time and money now to easily prevent disease, or a lot more time and money later to cure that which was not prevented. This is done by adjusting one's lifestyle to be more in harmony with Nature, and regular effective detox measures (a lot more fun and pleasant than most curative measures!). The Steamy Wonder increases the core temperature of the body, which automatically induces the detoxification process deeply but gently, toxins coming out on a cellular level from every organ of the body through the sweat. The benefits to the client are that light refreshed feeling, and elimination of toxins that cause ageing and disease. Over 270 published research studies have shown the manifold benefits of steam treatments. The Steamy Wonder has been so popular for four basic reasons: 1. It is so simple and easy to use, a natural piece of equipment. It weighs only five pounds, sets up in a minute, can be moved around easily, and folds into a duffel-size parcel for travel or storage. Your client enjoys the luxury of not having to leave the table. 2. The Steamy Wonder is very versatile. It can replace most body wrapping, being more effective at detox, and involving far less work, time, and clean-up. And, it enhances virtually every spa and massage treatment by opening the pores, as well as often increasing your per/hour income significantly. Twenty minutes less work, $15-25 more per hour, a fun treatment, and a beautiful health benefit to the client. 3. The Steamy Wonder is healthier than other steam treatments, since it does not heat the head, and allows for the client to be horizontal, which is easier on the heart. Both of these have been recommended by Ayurveda for thousands of years, and corroborated by modern research. 4. The Steamy Wonder is by far the least expensive steam equipment widely available in North America, and payment plans are available. FREE SHIPPING IN THE UNITED STATES. DELIVERY WITHIN 2 WEEKS.
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